iPad Pro Keyboard is Really Poor

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iPad Pro Keyboard is Really Poor

The iPad Pro is yet another extension of the iOS family. While some consider its release to be a sign of failure, I look at things differently as I have a family member who has one and is very happy. If your eyesight is not fantastic and you don't travel often with the device and you are part of the iOS ecosystem, then the iPad Pro is a great purchase. The pencil is fantastic - perhaps overpriced but still great.

The sound emanating from the iPad is incredible. Adele actually sounded like she was in the kitchen last night thanks to the four speakers emanating from the device.

What is a shocker however is the poor keyboard which comes with the case Apple sells. Please consider an alternative from Logitech. The keys which Apple supplies have almost no travel and seem amazingly cheap. $169 is way too much money for this product and the Surface Pro line from Microsoft shows the problem has a solution.

Representatives from Logitech told me they were brought into the process of designing a keyboard for this device, early on. This is an unusual step for Apple and its likely because they know the keyboard is far from being at the quality level of their other products.

Bottom line: please test this keyboard for yourself before buying because if you do anything but very light typing, you'll be disappointed.

Update: There have been some great comments on Twitter worth sharing:

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