iPads Banned in Israel

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iPads Banned in Israel


iPad buyers beware - that shiny new gadget that made the flight so enjoyable will really upset you when you land in Israel and it is taken away. You will get it back when you leave but you will have to pay a storage fee. It is unclear whether they will charge it for you until you return though. Apparently the frequencies the new device uses are incompatible with national standards. For some reason I get the feeling military communications are being disrupted by it - just speculation mind you and Israel has said publicly the problem is the device transmits at a higher power level than allowed by law.

An international version of the product should solve the problem but it seems to me that if you travel a great deal to Israel you may want to consider waiting to buy that iPad until the dust settles. On a more positive note I would think Apple can potentially use GPS embedded in the device to lower power levels in Israel to make the device compliant.

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