Smartphones Get Flash. Not iPhone

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Smartphones Get Flash. Not iPhone

At a recent event I spoke with an ex-Adobe exec who blamed Apple for Flash not being available on the iPhone. The lack of Flash support on this device is the real Apple tax as I pointed out a while back. Now, Adobe has announced it will have Flash available for just about every smartphone on the market save Apple. David Coursey of PC World had this to say on the matter:

The unwillingness of Apple to play well with others should not be considered more than a momentary setback. While Apple's QuickTime competes with Flash, that is not likely to keep the Adobe technology off the iPhone for long.

It should not surprise anyone to see Apple announce its support for Flash 10.1 on the iPhone either at its anticipated pre-holiday announcement of new desktops or in early 2010. The delay should not result in any significant disadvantage for Apple or its iPhone customers.

I hope he is right but based on past research it seems Apple is in no rush to help Adobe. I hope it's just a matter of priorities because without Flash, you don't have true internet access.

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