Summertime iPad Shutdown Warning!


If you use your iPad in bright sunlight you will likely have to turn the brightness all the way up so you can see the screen. The problem becomes that after a while the unit can overheat, issue an overheating warning and then shut down. SIP Forum head Marc Robins called me today to share the experience he had with his iPad. And he said it was only 88 degrees outside so if gets really hot out you may not be able to use your iPad at all.

For the record Marc is otherwise very happy with the device and brought it to TMC HQ recently to show it off.

The question becomes – can you use the iPad by the pool or beach or basically anywhere else in the summer? And what about the standard Apple black iPad case which I like so much – do we need a white one as well to reflect sunlight? Perhaps the perfect summer accessory for the iPad is an iUmbrella or iFan and you can be certain the accessory makers are salivating at the thought.

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