Too Many Mobile Phones Dissapointing?

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Too Many Mobile Phones Dissapointing?

htc-touch-diamond.jpgHTC Touch Diamond
Photo Courtesy of Akihabara News

The dream device of all time based on specs has to be the HTC Touch Diamond (or the Pro model which has a keyboard) if for no other reason than the 640x480 resolution screen that fits in your pocket. This is much better than even the industry trend setting Apple iPhone. As with all HTC devices I have reviewed, the Touch Diamond is moderately flawed.

Every HTC device I have ever used wows me at first but every day use makes you realize the product didn't have much usability testing.

According to this review from Akihabara News the device is slow, has problems receiving wireless signals and a clunky interface. Ironically these are the same problems other HTC products have (the XV6800 comes to mind) as well.

But problems like these are certainly not unique to HTC. In the never-ending race to supply worldwide wireless carriers with disparate devices at various price points based upon carrier specifications, you can't do everything perfectly it seems. This leads me to wonder if one of Apple's major advantages over other manufacturers isn't the company's ability to have a single killer device.

Apple also showed wireless carriers that a device done well actually increases broadband minutes dramatically. One hopes that carriers start to understand that by working more closely with handset manufacturers and leaving them alone to create killer devices, they can boost service revenue. And the last I looked, that is a good thing for carriers.

Let's hope they learn from this experience.

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