Apprentice With Martha

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Apprentice With Martha

I had a chance to see a little Donald and Martha Apprentice last night and the comparisons were amazing. Donald’s boardroom is an intimidating place while Martha’s seems a lot more cozy and relaxed. Not only the décor put me at ease but Martha’s demeanor was very pleasant.

My wife wondered if she isnt being especially nice so as to mellow her image. Many people call her the B word (one day I imagine my kids will read my blog). I didn’t get to see Martha fire anyone but hopefully a rerun this weekend will allow me to see the full episode. No TiVo in the Tehrani household yet.

I get the feeling if you are let go from Martha’s show, you will get a warm cookie as a parting gift with a glass of milk. She will let you down more easy than Donald. I am looking forward to seeing both episodes and comparing the different styles. The Martha/Donald combo really spiced things up and was a pretty smart move.

In other related news, I heard that Donald’s wife is Melania is pregnant. I hope I spelled her name right.

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