Comcast Does Wholesale VoIP - Buys NGT

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Comcast Does Wholesale VoIP - Buys NGT

YES! Over IP -- We just sold our wholesale VoIP company


You can smell the hops brewing at the nearby Coors plant when you visit the corporate headquarters of New Global Telecom located in Golden Colorado. One imagines having a beer brewer nearby was a definite plus during the celebration which ensued after the hosted VoIP wholesaler sold their company to Comcast for an undisclosed amount. To get an idea of the size of this acquisition, NGT says they have 100,000 VoIP seats under management.

What is curious about this news is why Comcast would purchase a VoIP wholesaler serving a big competitor AT&T. Then again, another customer is Belgacom SA so perhaps this move helps the cable company become a global IP communications wholesaler.

As a slew of companies such as Netflix, YouTube and Roku continue to provide services which compete with Comcast's bread and butter business of providing television service, the company is smart to look for other similar businesses to get into. Providing content via the NBC deal or hosted VoIP makes sense as the company needs to diversify quickly to ensure predictable revenue in a turbulent tech market which sees continuous disruption.

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