CEBP - Why Don't You Die?

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CEBP - Why Don't You Die?


Perhaps the most maligned term in telecom is communications enabled business processes or CEBP. It is funny how just so many companies tell me they have a new CEBP solution and then go on to say they despise the term. What is more interesting to me is how so many companies are actually relying on CEBP for quick ROI on the solutions they sell. For example doctors using CEBP to help increase the number of patients which show up to their appointments can yield an ROI of a few months.

You remember the term just in time communications I came up with years back? The term gained little traction but I still wonder if it isn't better than CEBP. Then again I am not one for an acronym urinating match. Who has time anyway -- I am too busy memorizing what every flavor of 802.11 does (The insanity  ;)  802.11z, 802.11aa, 802.11ac,802.11ad).

It does seem however, love it or hate it - CEPB is here to stay.

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