More on Avaya - Nortel Enterprise Event at ITEXPO

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More on Avaya - Nortel Enterprise Event at ITEXPO

24 hours ago I excitedly shared the important news that Avaya will be at ITEXPO to discuss the acquisition of Nortel's enterprise assets. In one of the biggest communications deals in the market - two companies who were fierce competitors will be announcing their roadmap regarding how their merged product lines and staffs will look going forward.

Avaya will be at a special keynote lunch with analysts and yours truly who will speak with the company in a Q&A roundtable format in order to help the audience determine what the news means to them and how it will impact their business.

If you are a reseller, enterprise customer, SMB, partner and/or developer you cannot miss the event.

The information shared will be big - we are talking about a hundred years of technology from Nortel - a fine engineering company and Avaya - a company benefiting from decades of Bell Labs research.

Patents, products, channels, relationships, support, partnerships and developer relationships are just some of the areas I want to know more about - how about you?

Yesterday I told you Steve Hardy, Director of Products and Solutions Marketing will be at the event, representing Avaya and now we have two highly respected analysts who will be there as well.

  • David Yedwab, Partner, Market Strategy and Analytics Partners
  • Frank Stinson, Partner & Sr. Analyst, IntelliCom Analytics

Here is a dedicated page regarding the event for more as it develops.

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