Past ITEXPO Keynoter Fiorina Runs for Senate

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Past ITEXPO Keynoter Fiorina Runs for Senate

I am thrilled that a past ITEXPO keynoter Carly Fiorina will be running for the California Senate. Carly is a charming, personable and knowledgeable thought leader who gave a captivating address to a standing-room only crown in Los Angeles a few years back. Fiorina was a major executive at both Lucent and HP where she was CEO. It is my humble opinion that having a candidate who understands telecom and technology will benefit this great country of ours if for no other reason than she will be in a position to really understand the issues.

This is more important than you may first realize. Without pointing anyone out in particular, it is apparent that politicians don't have a clue about net neutrality and these are the people who set rules for the US which will likely be duplicated worldwide. In addition, Fiorina will understand and appreciate the brain drain which is taking place in the US and how this hurts us. Why? Well we bring the smartest people from around the globe to our universities and allow them to get the world's greatest education. We then chase them away and force them to start new companies in other countries and in the process we lose hundreds of thousands if not millions of valuable jobs.

Perhaps most importantly, Fiorina is a political candidate who has run something. She has hired. She has fired; she has faced competition from Asia and other parts of the world firsthand. She knows what to do to make the US a more competitive place and this means more jobs for our ailing economy.

This is not theoretical knowledge - she learned by doing.

I believe we need to stop electing candidates who have little to no experience running companies. How is it these people who have never run anything are in a position to dictate to the private sector how to run companies? Do they have more experience than a random college graduate? No. And that is why our country is in trouble today. We need more government officials who care about the country and do what is best for it. I am not talking about doing what the special interest groups with the most money dictate, I mean doing what is good for the people that elected them.

We will see how this plays out but I for one am all for electing politicians who understand business and have run successful companies.

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