Thoughts on Avaya/Nortel and the DOJ

Jeff Wiener is President of Digitcom Canada and an Avaya dealer who believes that the DOJ should rubber stamp the Avaya/Nortel merger without much fuss. He explains that the field is extremely competitive and furthermore that the competition is also coming from Microsoft, Skype, Google and hosted VoIP. I agree with all of the above but would say the real challenges for Avaya will continue to be Cisco as they are such a strong data player.

In addition I am surprised open-source didn’t even make the list. As I head to ITEXPO which takes place Tuesday through Thursday next week in Los Angeles, I am aware of what a large presence Digium and Fonality will have at the show. I wonder if the companies deploying open-source solutions don’t appear on the radar of the typical reseller. This was a surprise to me to be honest.

I am not in any camp on this issue BTW, I say that if any company other than Cisco gets the enterprise assets of Nortel, the market will be safe and there won’t be too much anticompetitive power in the hands of any specific company. Here is his letter.

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