Are Critics Too Pessimistic on RIM?

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Are Critics Too Pessimistic on RIM?

Obviously RIM has stumbled and the iPhone instantly changed the world of smartphones making fixed-keyboard devices less attractive. Moreover, the fact that the iPhone was more computer than email device opened up the market for serious web browsing and app usage on the go. And until recently, the Blackberry browser experience was awful.

But the PlayBook has changed all that and its interface is slick and its form factor is impressive. It packs serious punch. So when I read this article from Martin Peers at the Wall Street Journal suggesting that RIM shares have further to fall, I was a bit surprised. Peers does mention that the company’s new OS due next year may alter its momentum but my thoughts are the PlayBook OS is impressive enough to be rolled out on smartphones and as far as I am concerned it is in the same neighborhood as Android in terms of its usability and in some ways it is far easier to use.

So although no one has 100% certainty as to where RIM’s share price is headed, it is worth pointing out it has an awesome OS now which allows fast web browsing and although it has many challenges in comparison to Apple such as a lack of broad consumer buzz, no retail stores and lacks the magic of Steve Jobs, it can potentially reverse its course if it can roll out a suite of new phones which are PlayBook light-type devices. Basically smaller tablets – like the iPhone or iPod is to the iPad.

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