Omg, 2mro's Kybrd 2dy

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Omg, 2mro's Kybrd 2dy



Oh My God, Tomorrow's Keyboard Today!

Without a doubt many of us wear different hats when we communicate. For example many in business do not use SMS abbreviations but kids do. When texting with businesspeople, SMS abbreviations seem to be acceptable at times but of course this depends on your situation.



I was reminded of this schizophrenic communications many of us deal with when I came across a new keyboard which can switch between QWERTY and SMS modes - where function keys become SMS abbreviations. There is also a configuration which allows the keyboard to work in alphabetical mode - the company says this is good for hunt and peckers.


For those texting monsters out there - it may be worth a look.


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Fast Finger Keyboards via GeekAlerts

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