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Blog Spam

For those of you non-bloggers out there consider yourselves lucky as something called comment spam is a nightmare for many of us trying to blog. In addition to regular spam, we have to deal with people who post comments to our blogs that are related to porn sites and gambling.

If this wasn't enough, I am now getting trackback spam and in fact I received more than 30 and possibly as many as 50 of these. Trackbacks are the way bloggers link t other sites allowing a reader to quickly see other points of view on something they are reading.

Spammers comment and trackback to sites so they can increase their search engine ranking. I am spending more and more time on blog maintenance. This is valuable time I could spend sharing valuable info with my readers.

These spammers are like the leaches of the internet and stiff penalties should exist to punish the people responsible. We need to eliminate the productivity-zapping chore of removing various types of spam.

While discussing trackbacks I should remind you that virtually all TMCnet content has trackback capability as well (spammers please ignore this part).

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