Bomber On Welfare

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Bomber On Welfare

I don’t know the term for welfare or social assistance (on the dole comes to mind) ain England but apparently Out of the two terror suspects responsible for the recent failed bombing attempts, Terror suspect Yasin Hussan Omar is a Somalian national who arrived in Britain at age 11 in 1992 as a dependant and was granted exceptional leave to remain in the country. In May 2000 he was granted indefinite leave to remain.

Omar has been handed thousands of pounds in taxpayers' money in recent years. He was given £75 a week in housing benefit to pay for the one-bedroom flat where he has been the registered tenant since February 1999.

His housing benefit stopped in May this year but he may have been given up to £24,000 over the last six years.

His flat (apartment for those of us on this side of the pond), on the ninth floor of a 12-storey tower block in New Southgate, north London, is believed to have been used as a bomb factory by the suicide team who unsuccessfully targeted the London transport network last Thursday. Explosives experts were examining material found inside.

What is scary about this case is how someone whose family was granted asylum by England and is living off the citizens of the UK could get so upset that they would unleash such a plot. It defies all sense of reason and understanding and the irrational nature of this terror war is what makes it so tough to eradicate. Here is the full story.

Last night I was listening to Michael Savage on the way home from work and he was talking about how if you want to stop terrorism in 90 days, start bombing areas of countries that will hurt them economically such as ports. Do it covertly using SEAL teams and tell them indirectly you are going to continue doing so until they find the terrorists and stop them. In his words, they know the people and the language better than we ever will and in many cases they are helping the terrorists. He pointed to Syria and Iran. Interesting idea.

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