Boy is this a perfect

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Boy is this a perfect

Boy is this a perfect BLOG topic if I ever found one Market researchers send me more tidbits of info than I know what to do with. Often this stuff is really useful and costs thousands of dollars if you wanted to research it yourself. The Radicati Group sent me a greatest hits of their latest research. Here it is with some editorializing from yours truly. Enjoy.

Wireless IM traffic will comprise 10% of all IM traffic by year-end 2004. This is higher than I would have expected but I would assume lots of young consumers would be the driving force her
By 2008, IM users will get an average of 25 IM spam (SPIM) messages a day. No Surprise 31% of corporations that have not deployed instant messaging have not done so due to security concerns, followed by 27% who are skeptical of IMs added value. Interestingly, you cant (unless you put a great deal of effort into it) stop IM in the enterprise. We install a client that only allows IM with other TMC team members. Still, people find ways around the policy. You are better off giving everyone access. It does make us more productive. Even personal issues are resolved more quickly with IM which helps get your workers off the phone with their spouses and back to work.


The number of corporate mailboxes will grow by an average of 15% from 479 million mailboxes in 2004 to over 860 million in 2008. No Surprise

47% of corporations that deploy anti-spam solutions dislike not having the ability for end users to access quarantined files. Makes sense, this kills MIS productivity and they are pretty well taxed as it is since many of them have been let go.

Corporate Lotus Domino Mailboxes only constitute 25.7% of worldwide corporate mailboxes, compared to Microsoft Exchange corporate mailboxes with 30.1%. I would have guessed Lotus is around 12% max and Exchange around 75%. What is everyone else using, Yahoo?

European email users will grow from being 31% of worldwide email users in 2004 to 39% of worldwide email users in 2008. Yawn. Who cares. What happens in China will likely dwarf Europe. Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) constitutes 72.8 % of corporate Webmail clients in Europe, followed by Lotus iNotes with 22.4%. ARCHIVING The email archiving market will grow from $277 billion at year-end 2004 to $2,489 billion in 2008. Someone told me once not to write anything down that you wouldnt want published in a newspaper. With e-mail archiving growing this quickly we should all remember this tidbit.
34% of corporations that have deployed an email archiving solution find it hard to manage and customize. No Comment

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