CBX 2008 News and Analyis

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CBX 2008 News and Analyis

Telx CBX has kicked off and I am going to be doing all the video reporting in about 20 minutes. Here is my quick take on the news breaking from the show so far:

WBS Connect will provide telepresence service and more importantly provide a global gateway allowing customers to interconnect private telepresence networks. This is a no brainer idea and certainly fills a need in the market. It may be early to call it a need but there is a proliferation of telepresence rooms at the moment and this obviously means interconnecting them all will be more important.

Tiscali International will be deploying new POPs in Toronto, Seattle, Atlanta and Dallas. The carrier is exclusively dedicated to the wholesale IP/MPLS market and the company’s TInet (Tiscali International network) is expanding in relation to its customer’s needs according to Paolo Gambini the company’s CMO.

Telx, the company behind CBX 2008 is expanding within 118th Avenue, New York and expects revenue growth of 40% for 2008. The company is growing in cross connects and customers. In addition, Telx has a new channel partner program recognizing referral, agent and alliance partners. This program is led by Kirk Horton.

My analysis is simply, it is a good time to be in the carrier hotel business and the Telx team has done a great job being ahead of the curve on technology such as voice peering and they haven’t been afraid to promote new and innovative ideas that help the company’s customers. In the carrier hotel/colocation business - as your customers grow, so do you.

Nextlink Wireless has just launched broadband wireless service in New York City meaning New Yorkers will have even more choices when it comes to broadband service. At a time when disaster recovery is so important and there are so many financial institutions that need to take advantage of redundancy strategies, it is a great to have a new service provider in your area that can provide bandwidth of up to 800 Mbps. Now how do I get a test network of that speed in my home? ;)

Ciena has announced that Mzima has deployed the company’s CN 5060 Multiservice Carrier Ethernet Platform across the US and Europe. It will support MPLS and enable the carrier to provide new high bandwidth services. This deployment is part of network build-out of a separate MPLS network which is separate from the IP backbone. This is big news for Ciena and further shows that the need for bandwidth is ever increasing and technologies like video, telepresence and others are responsible for companies needing ever more bandwidth which today’s generation of fiber equipment providers are happy to fill.

There is more of course but no time to go on. Check back later for more and be sure to visit TMCnet often.

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