FCC Still not Happy with Cable Companies

Comcast is raising rates as you can see from this article. More interesting is this quote from the article:
"One conclusion that is easy to reach is that this market is in desperate need of competition," FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said at the time.
Looking at the telecom industry many think the FCC is in the pockets of the ILECs and is allowing consolidation at the expense of thousands of CLECs and other competitive players. I wonder if the FCC just has blinders on and is just looking to build the most powerful cable competitors possible.

  • mark seery
    February 17, 2007 at 9:55 pm

    Hi Rich,
    Rightly or wrongly, the fate of some CLECs was decided when the F.C.C. concluded that only facilities-based competition could thrive.
    If you start a policy direction that begins with that view, then you end at a place that is consistent with your suggestion that the FCC is trying to build the strongest possible competitors. The system of carrots and sticks used to separately incent/punish MSOs and ILECs when they were regulated separately has become complicated as the regulation converges into what is supposed to at some point become technology neutral regulation. These complications tend to obfuscate the foundations FCC policy are built on, and also where it is trying to get to.

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