Global Capacity: Enabling the Virtual Network Operator

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Global Capacity: Enabling the Virtual Network Operator

On a recent trip to Global Capacity I got to see how the company global-capacity.pngprovides automation-based network service platforms to system integrators and carriers who are typically of the tier-two variety. Over half-a-million quotes a month are provided by the company through an API or portal. Let’s say you are a carrier in rural Texas, Global Capacity can work with you and let you know how your rates compare to others in the markets you serve. In other words, you may be the lowest cost carrier in 10 cities but there may be eight other ones where you are not price-competitive.

One way of looking at the company’s business model is they act like the Lending Tree of the carrier space – providing the best price on network connections to various locations. To further the comparison, you can use the Massachusetts company to take the order including normalizing, SLAs and interconnect.

According to the company's Mary Stanhope, in order to improve latency they are busy setting up more POPs around the country.

The company’s latest news is a deal with Equinix which allows Global Capacity network automation features to come to the world of Equinix data centers allowing access to key application and cloud providers located in these centers.

TMC reported last year that Global Capacity worked with Cerner Corporation, a healthcare IT company to provide Cerner Skybox Connect, a high-availability private network for the healthcare industry. The idea here is Cerner can focus on what it does best – dealing with IT and customers, allowing Global Capacity to provide the network. As a virtual network operator, Cerner can focus on its core competency.

Some of the growth areas for the Global Capacity include international expansion and helping enterprise customers deal with the migration from hardware-based to software defined networking.

As it turns out, TMC, the company where I am CEO was in the middle of re-signing our broadband contract as I was writing this entry. I thought it worth mentioning that Global Capacity was very helpful in allowing us to secure better pricing from the provider we were using.

Sure, we aren't looking to be a VNO, but based on our experience, seems like Global Capacity would be a logical company to work with if we were.

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