Japan's High-Speed Internet Satellite

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Japan's High-Speed Internet Satellite

While some of us in the US may be proud that we are able to surf the web at speeds of 10 Mbps or even a bit more, in Japan they are striving for speeds of 1.2 Gbps or 120 times as fast!

Yesterday in fact japan successfully launched a satellite known as Kizuna to provide web surfing at these speeds.

I just can't help but ask the following. If we know that broadband access roughly equates to a country's ability to compete effectively in a global marketplace, then how do Americans allow other countries beat them at such things.

Granted, it is too early to know if this satellite will be successful at its mission but I would imagine our politicians should be in closed door meetings all weekend trying to figure out how to catch up or even leapfrog such news.

So US politicians, please... Our children and their children need the absolute fastest broadband speeds to remain competitive. I hope we are devoting funds to ensure we are competing effectively in this area.


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