Shrihari on Net Neutrality

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Shrihari on Net Neutrality

Shrihari Pandit of the VPF was having a discussion with me about how in the future anyone will be able to broadcast TV over IP. I mentioned net neutrality and he came up with an interesting point.

If indeed service providers make it difficult for consumers to get access to services such as IPTV the capital markets will come to the rescue.

What he means is that there is so much venture capital available that other service providers will spring up and supply fiber to homes.

For the most part Shrihari may be right. If this is what indeed happens then we shouldn't worry so much about the net neutrality debate as the market will sort it out in the end.

The one concern we both have is the fact that in the short term the US is falling far behind in broadband access. At some point we may not be able to catch up.

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