Sound Off on Obama Broadband Stimulus

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Sound Off on Obama Broadband Stimulus

Tom Keating is dead set against the broadband stimulus plan proposed by President-Elect Obama. He believes in government getting out of the way of people and generally I agree with him. I do however believe that broadband is like air, water, highways, bridges and other core infrastructure and the government should aid in ensuring the US is a leader in internet access.

Yes, industry is getting broadband to the masses but that is not enough. Broadband is strategic and allows workers to work for companies anywhere in the world. I for one believe the ingenuity and inventiveness of Americans is something we have which differentiates us from workers in many other countries.

This means a new wave of entrepreneurs could start companies like Google and Yahoo given access to better and faster broadband connections.

Tom is simply wrong on this matter. He is passionate and he makes great points but in the end, where would this country be without our highways and byways.

In case you didn't notice - Tom and I do work for the same company and this is a great example of the diverse views TMC presents to the market. TMC and TMCnet does not rely on just my voice or Tom's but a blend of hundreds of voices from thought leaders mixed in with the latest news and comments of the community of readers. This community ranges from 2-3 million viewers per month.

This potentially ironic situation was not lost on the sharp people over at snapvoip in a post titled Tom Keating, Rich Tehrani et al Battle IT Out For Barack Obama's $40 Billion Broadband Stimulus Package.

Be sure to see the post which kicked this all off. What's your opinion? Don't have one? Well consider you and your kids are paying for this stimulus - you didn't tell the government to do this... They just are.

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