Starbucks Goes AT&T

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Starbucks Goes AT&T

Great news for caffeineoholics who need internet access and want it for free. Through an agreement between Starbucks, AT&T and T-Mobile the three companies have come up with a way for AT&T to provide internet access at Starbucks locations. In addition, T-Mobile hot spot customers get to use the Starbucks stores as they do now.

Finally, Starbucks Purchase Card customers get two free hours of internet usage each day. Want more? For another $3.99 you get two more hours of access. Want even more? For $19.99 per month you can get a whole month's worth of access and in addition, access to 70,000 hot spots throughout the world.

If you are a current AT&T broadband customer, you will get access to unlimited internet access at Starbucks locations.

The way I see it, this deal is a win for everyone as Starbucks gets more customers to come into the store, T-Mobile still gets access to Starbucks locations so their network doesn't shrink in size and AT&T gets the advertising value of being in Starbucks around the nation. In addition, it gets some monthly wireless subscribers and finally they get yet another reason for people to keep their broadband access with AT&T.

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