Where is Rich and Those CBx Videos?

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Where is Rich and Those CBx Videos?

I swear I haven't been playing hooky today and yesterday - I have in fact been meeting with lots of very innovative Canadian companies - most of which I met for the first time. Innovation as always is alive and well up here in Canada. It is also surprisingly cold at night this week (why I don't check weather forecasts every time I travel so I can remember to bring a jacket is beyond me) and the people here seem to love living in Canada. Moreover they say the quality of life and crime rate is low but the taxes are ridiculously high.

But getting back to business, TMC has just posted the videos from the recent TelX CBx event. I posted a few of them here... Clicking on the first one will cycle you through all of them. Also, here is an iPod/iPhone/iPad friendly video link.


Marc Alciati of Intelletrace explains how his company helps companies improve their negotiating power with carriers


Industry analyst David Yedwab discusses the ramifications of the new AT&T data pricing plans (Apple link)

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