Bronx Zoo Again

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Bronx Zoo Again

What a great time I had at the Bronx Zoo last week. One of my favorite exhibits is the butterfly room. The last time I was there, I was blown away at how many turquoise and blue butterfly varieties were on display. They were so beautiful, I couldn’t wait to see them again.

Sadly, the butterfly room had nine birds infiltrate the premises. I didn’t ask how the birds got in but one of the nine remained in the room when I was there. Sadly, the majority of the spectacular looking butterflies were eaten.

Otherwise the zoo was a great experience for me and my family and it is growing by leaps and bounds and there is a massive construction project underway. I have been there twice for a total of 7-9 hours in total and still haven’t seen the elephants. I did finally get to see the lions and sea lions though. There was no time for the reptile room or the nocturnal exhibit whose name I can’t recall exactly.

I was speaking with Greg Galitzine this morning and he was telling me he doesn’t go to the zoo that often because he lives so close (or something along those lines). It was exactly the same for me and I am so happy I have gone twice this year and I will go back again, often.

There were three tigers in a large enclosed grassy area with a viewing area located by the water. The other tiger is on the other side of the enclosure.

I feel very bad for this monkey who is in the cage. They seem to need more room to move around.

The sea lions couldn't stop playing while we were there.

Without Pink Flamingos, what would a zoo experience be?

I have no clue what this bird is called

This is a fennec fox, the smallest member of the dog family and found in arid climates

This is a gopher snake I think

A turtoise

Are these possibly Monarch butterflies? I dont really know.

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