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Bronx Zoo

I live about 30 minutes from the Bronx Zoo and in my life have been there a total of about 45 minutes. This past weekend I decided to take a trip with my daughter Priscilla and see the zoo. It was amazing. I love animals but rarely get to go to zoos. I think We saw virtually every animal that you might have seen on Noah’s ark.

Notable exceptions were the lions which I didn’t have time to find and must have somehow passed, the elephants – ditto from above and the grizzly bear – I think he may have been on break… Apparently the animals have a strong union.

I highly recommend the zoo. There is also a children’s zoo as part of the larger zoo. Other notable attractions are a reptile room, a dedicated butterfly room, a bird room, etc. If you need specifics, there were gorillas, cheetahs, bison (the park claims to have played a major role in saving the species), giraffes, snow leopards and more. Bring comfortable shoes and some snacks. The park closed at 5:30 p.m. this past weekend.

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