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Browsing the Google Way

Google may be launching a new browser according to a story by BBC. The Register also has a story that talks about this new browser and mentions that Google has recently hired a senior Java developer from Sun. Bloggers too are getting into the act, predicting that Google has the opportunity now while the industry is losing trust in the security offered by Internet Explorer.

If Google does launch such a browser, we can expect it to be successful. After all, they have invented the user interface for search. MSN and Yahoo are basically copying the Google search page. Neither brings anything unique to the table. Dont believe me? Check out MSN Search for yourself. Who does this remind you of?

Furthermore, their interface for mail is excellent. Better than the competition according o most who have tried them all. They have the potential to do a great job with a browser.

Imagine, Google will be able to tie in mail and search and blogging into such a piece of software. This will give them a tremendous competitive boost but not advantage. Microsoft owns desktops and is rapidly building search into all of their products and the OS. The only way to fight back is with a strategy that levels the playing field. The browser is the OS of this decade and if you get some traction where people browse you can really start to leverage your disparate services.

I say if Google isnt planning to do this, they should. I am confident that they will develop a great browser and when they do, there will be some serious competition between them and Microsoft and of course, we all win.

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