Bugatti Veyron

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Bugatti Veyron

If you want a car with over 1,001 horsepower and have one and a quarter million dollars to burn, the Bugatti Veyron may be for you. An exclusive club indeed, the car will reach up to 250 miles per hour. Until recently hitting 200 MPH was a near-impossible achievement for a production car.

Bugatti Veyrom -- vroom vroom.

The bad news is that if you drive the car daily you’ll likely spend as much money on gas each year as you did for the car. This probably isn’t so important though as the only people that can afford one are oil Sheiks and oil company executives.

Somehow I think Tom is going to come by my desk soon and ask for a raise as his
Viper seems to be getting (relatively) slower every year. What he doesn’t realize yet is that his sports car fund is about to be drained as he’ll be making weekly diaper and formula runs soon.

Tom's Viper:

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