Call Center Flash Demo

Over a decade ago I came across Interactive Intelligence, a company who looked at the call center space as an area ripe with opportunity. They decided to market products which did exactly the opposite of what others were doing at the time.
While most companies were focusing on pushing box after box after box — one for the ACD, another for the dialer, workforce management, etc… Interactive Intelligence decided to unify the communications mechanisms and deploy software as opposed to hardware. Their solution was to have a single configuration interface, navigation menus, etc.
I was thinking about the past decade in communications as I came across this interesting Flash demo from the company. It seems like more and more companies are now doing with Interactive is doing.
This demo talks a bit about the company and the Customer Interaction Center solution they provide. In my opinion, all companies should have a Flash demo such as this so web visitors can determine what their company does in a rapid and easy fashion. I would prefer a bit more interactivity in such demos but still in a few minutes this Flash presentation gives you a good idea of what the product is about and it is worth a viewing.
Check it out here.
Oh, and I almost forgot. Like any good demo… If you watch the whole thing you are eligible to win a free Apple iPhone. Now that is a tough offer to refuse. Good luck!

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