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Call Center Training

The field for call center training is expanding rapidly - perhaps because there are so many new call center agents being hired on a daily basis. It is staggering that even in the US the pace of call center growth is brisk. As these agents are hired, call center training becomes a more important issue as some call centers have had turnover rates in the hundreds of percent range.

This subject came up recently as I was discussing Call center training with a coworker who told me Ulysses Learning wants to be known as the call center training company.

Certainly there are many companies looking to be leaders in call center training and with thousands of new agents being hired each day there is lots of opportunity out there. Hopefully companies like Ulysses are targeting Dell and other companies who are getting slammed for hiring untrained call center agents.

One can only hope companies take call center agent training more seriously as the world becomes more competitive and people like Lou Dobbs begin to berate companies who not only use overseas agents but who take a customer service hit for doing so.

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