Caribbean Outsourcing

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Caribbean Outsourcing

Many people think India when they discuss outsourcing but it is interesting to note that the market for BPO/teleservices is much larger than a single country. Case in point is a company called e-SGI.

I read about them in an article by TMC's Tracey Schelmetic.

e-SGI has 3,000 employees in three different offices in Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica, and St. Lucia. Annual billings are in excess of $60 million. The company accesses more than 120,000 calls per day. Approximately half of the employees have a high-school education and half are college educated. Each worker is dedicated to only one client. The company takes great pride in its employee benefits program, maintaining annual attrition at approximately 14 percent, which is startlingly low for call center work. Each employee is provided at least 10 weeks of initial training and then a minimum of an hour of continued training per week.

So when you think of outsourcing, think Caribbean and if you are comparing options, it may be worth a trip down to the sunny islands of the Atlantic to take a look.

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