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Target Service Provider Marketing by Pontis

April 14, 2008

At the recent CTIA show in Las Vegas, much of the talk centered around how service providers need to focus on generating revenue from advertising as companies like Google will be giving away many of the services they hope to charge for.

A good example of such a service is Google Maps which utilizes cellular tower triangulation to approximate GPS. It doesn't stop there of course… With Google Gears for Mobile, Google is in the enviable position of allowing mobile devices to utilize hosted applications whether or not there is a live internet connection.

It isn't news that Google has a head start in delivering services and advertising… Now carriers need to catch up.

But service providers are terrible at getting into new business areas and they have little experience in advertising. You know, that reads a bit harsh. Allow me to rephrase… Let's say instead, that if wireless carriers learned to sell advertising as well as they spend money on their own ads, they will be in great shape.

What is the first step in becoming a better advertising company?

Google and SalesForce Enhance Relationship

April 14, 2008

It was over a year and a half ago when I had a chance to listen to Marc Benioff talk about how his company's software would be integrating with Google to provide a mashup allowing companies to better track their Google advertising. Using the services together, companies would be able to utilize the CRM portion of the software to track where customers came from... Which ad, which keyword, which landing page, etc.

The matter was so important I made the article a High Priority column in Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine.

The two companies have decided to take the collaboration one step further and as a result, you will now be able to purchase Google Applications via and there will be tighter integration between the two companies.

For example, e-mails sent to customers via Google's mail application will be connected to customer records in

While this collaboration is great, there are still companies who worry about how to maintain security when their vital corporate data is stored on the servers of another company.

Perhaps this move will manage to make customers more comfortable with the hosted approach as Google has a strong reputation and helps boost's credibility -- not that the company really needed it but having such a large partner would help anyone.

In my opinion, there are many companies who don't want to worry about having idle employees if their broadband provider or router fails.

I have to say that I really appreciate Marc Benioff as a spokesperson for because he calls them as he sees them. No longer having Tom Siebel to go after, Benioff has resorted to blasting Microsoft.

If you want a more specific example of what I mean, consider the memo put out by Benioff in November of 2005 where he had the following to say:

Last month, our number one competitor surrendered, and decided to take its place beside several former competitors at software's Shady Pines Rest Home, also known as Oracle.

Podcast: Ken Lamneck - President The Americas, Tech Data

April 10, 2008

Ken Lamneck
The Americas
Tech Data

Distribution companies are in a great position to tell us what trends to look for in the market. What is hot? What is not and more. It is for this reason I was very interested in speaking with Ken Lamneck - President The Americas at Tech Data.

In our discussion we had a chance to embrace the concepts of virtualization, unified communications, NAS, how selling services is becoming a great business for VARs and more.

We also had a chance to discuss how VARs that do not provide complete solutions will lose business to others and will subsequently put their product sales in jeopardy.

Lamneck stresses that Tech Data wants to provide the best choices for their customers instead of pushing companies down a certain path.

There is much more but to hear it you have to listen to the podcast.

Podcast: Dieter Thompson, TAG

April 10, 2008

Dieter Thompson
I had a chance to have a podcast interview with Dieter Thompson the CEO of TAG, an Alcatel-Lucent company specializing in telecom procurement, contract negotiation and vendor management solutions.

Thompson shares many things in this interview -- one important point is that many local telecom services are going up in price. is the FCC to blame? Is there really enough competition? Dieter goes into these areas and discusses why carriers in some cases won't even bid on contracts.

is WiMAX the answer?

Communications Developer Call for Papers

April 8, 2008

Bob Emmerson: TMC's European Editor

April 8, 2008

Bob Emmerson joins TMC as out European Editor. We are truly proud to have Bob join the team as he is a communications and technology veteran.

Previously, Emmerson was a designer of digital control systems, a journalist, and a copywriter.

For a number of years he ran his own advertising/pr agency in Brussels.

TMCnet Podcast Library

April 8, 2008

TMCnet Gets a Redesign

April 8, 2008

ScanSource Wants its MTV

April 8, 2008 Satisfaction Ratings

April 8, 2008

I was just reading an article from TMCnet's David Sims where he talks about satisfaction ratings and I was blown away. Why? the company recently surveyed over 4,000 of their users and 94% said they definitely or probably will continue to use the company's products.

The survey also found that of the 1,192 executive-level respondents in the sample, 90 percent had improved customer data quality and data management, 78 percent had reduced sales, service, marketing or other operational costs and 70 percent had increased sales revenue.

There is more to the article and it seems the company's users are truly happy.

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