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SER For Sale

November 29, 2005

Rumor has it SER is for sale and has $50 million in sales for the year. The sale makes good sense as a good part of the company’s inbound strategy was dependant on Aspect and now Aspect is owned by archrival Concerto (the company is now called Aspect Software).

SER has the absolute cream of the crop clients in the contact center space and this makes it a great buy. The downside is its overdependence on outbound which is seen as a negative.

Potential acquirers are likely Concerto of all people but don’t count out a fund who has investments in the call center space. Many funds are flowing with money and are looking for new places to invest. - The Business Web

November 10, 2005

Thank You Marc Benioff for making my job more interesting. Compared to so many other CEOs who are reserved and diplomatic this guy just doesn't belong. I suppose when you have the track record of success Benioff does by launching an ASP with thousands of others and are the only major one left standing, you can be a bit -- well you can be anything you want I suppose.

October 24, 2005

TMC is very proud to have launched the world's most authoritative site on IP Communications. is the place to check for information on next-generation communications. From development trends to enterprise articles to information on IMS, VoIP, video and SIP... You won't find a better place to go every day to keep up to date on the most exciting IP Communications market.

Converged Contact Center Webinar Today

October 20, 2005

I am involved with a webinar today _ I will be one of the speakers. The seminar is very interesting as it discusses how SOA, contact centers and multichannel integration all come together.

The company who is co-presenting the webinar with TMC is called M1 Global and I am pretty impressed with all they do. They have a different perspective on contact centers and tie together disparate elements more neatly.

Using drag-and drop visual modeling tools you have access to a carrier class contact management system that lives in the cloud. Well at least in this case the cloud is equipment collocated in the MCI network.

I would write more but I have to go practice and proof my slides.

Excel Switching User Conference

October 18, 2005

Aspect Software Buys Sivox Technologies

October 16, 2005

Does Speech Technology Work?

October 15, 2005

During the birth of any technology that replaces people with automation there is a high level of frustration until the technology gets to a level where it is ready to be accepted by the majority of consumers.

When the first ATM machines appeared many people complained that banks were losing their personal touch. But when you needed $500 cash at 8:00 p.m. in the evening there was no personal touch to be found. Yes, convenience trumped the teller and I will never ever go back to a bank teller – except possibly at gunpoint.

Similarly when the first voicemail systems were produced most corporations said they were too impersonal and they would never use them.

Contact Center Turnaround Webinar

October 15, 2005

Hope to see you on the web in the near future at this webinar. I am looking forward to it. I recently spoke with the M1 management team and was impressed with their knowledge of contact centers and how to make them more productive and intelligent. This is definitely not going to be a webinar with info you can get anywhere else.

Today’s Webinar

October 13, 2005

SugarCRM Contest

October 8, 2005

One of the more amazing aspects of open source software is the open source community. SugarCRM recently announced the 100th extension to its Sugar Suite open source CRM platform as well as a contest for developers with prizes totaling $2,500 in cash and prizes.

Over 2,000 developers have joined in the last 14 months. This is quite an accomplishment.

In any open source project there is always a handful of developers that do most of the work.

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