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From IVR Hell to Heaven

January 17, 2005

Joe Staples Joins Interactive Intelligence

January 17, 2005

VoIP Your McOrder

January 15, 2005

It is amazing to see how much VoIP has helped call centers evolve into the IP contact center and further allows organizations to dramatically improve customer service while reducing cost. VoIP is to the contact center in this decade what the ACD was in the eighties and the predictive dialer was in the nineties. As IP contact center technology evolves, low tech industries we don't associate with VoIP start to catch on to the notion of using packet based technology to allow their business to improve while lowering overhead.

The drive through window is something we don't associate with high tech and worse yet many of us associate ordering from a drive through as a necessary evil.

Broadlook Finds You New Customers

January 11, 2005

I had a chance to talk with Dan Hughes of Broadlook about how their company has progressed since I wrote about them in Customer Interaction Solutions in June 2004. If you recall, the article was titled, Innovation Returns to CRM...

NEC Resells Contactual Hosted Contact Center in Austrralia and Beyond

January 7, 2005

Scoop! NEC has taken Contactual's software and is now hosting contact centers in Australia initially and then rolling out worldwide. NEC sees this as service replacing their low-end CPE environment or less than 50 or 100 seats. I spoke with...

FreeCRM Knocks From the Top CRM spot?

January 6, 2005

In what may be the most amazing CRM announcement of all time, claims to have taken over the number one spot in hosted CRM. This relatively new company, FreeCRM, has done what seems undoable. What is not clear is who their customers are. Are they using the software or have they merely signed these people up?
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