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ITEXPO – Unbelievable Sign-ups

August 28, 2006

Latest Communications Solutions

August 28, 2006

More Job Openings

August 21, 2006

I came across some job openings from Dennis Young of TELL/COM RECRUITERS. If you have interest just e-mail for more info.

Here are the details:


I have two immediate opportunities and these people can live anywhere in the United States. They are looking for a person who is (or has recently been) a customer facing Sales Engineer with any of the following domain expertise: Contact Center, CTI, IP Telephony or IVR/Speech.
The total compensation ranges between 115–125K. This client is very stable, profitable and is in a growth mode so I don’t expect anyone who wins this opportunity will be looking for another job too soon.
I’m also interested in hearing from anyone in your network (Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Professional Services and Management) who have outstanding credentials within the Convergence Industry who might be shopping for opportunities before the end of the year?

Verizon Wireless a Call Center 2.0 Case Study

August 21, 2006

The wireless communications sector is one of the more interesting businesses around as they generate billions and billions in revenue and spend millions on ad campaigns such as “We have the least dropped calls.” It just seems so weird in the world of business. Could you imagine a hospital billboard with a slogan like “Least accidental deaths?” How about a political campaign ad – “Lowest infidelity rate.” Or better still how about a slogan from McDonalds – “Least obesity-related illness!”

But the people in the wireless industry don’t see things as funny as I do and some of them are looking for ways to clearly annihilate their competition.

Over the past years I have written about Verizon Wireless many times. I always said their network was fantastic but they had a slew of other problems. Some of my early articles discussed problems the company was facing with customer service issues.

Sprint Interview

August 15, 2006

Here is the partially edited interview I had with Tony Krueck, VP of Product Development at Sprint. This was a great interview for me as I really learned a great deal about what Sprint is up to and how they are embracing IMS. It is along interview but it wasn't edited down because there is some great content in here.

An eagle-eyed reader noticed this interview took place before the recent Sprint WiMAX news. Here is a link to that news.

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Eicon Networks Buys Intel Dialogic Division

August 9, 2006

As I have been writing about for a few months, the Dialogic Division of Intel has been sold. Eicon Networks is the buyer and I am looking forward to finding out more details and sharing them with you.

This is potentially good news for the entire communications space for the following reasons. This division of Intel had the massive resources of corporate behind them but the challenge was for such a large company to focus on so many things. There are obviously synergies that will be lost as a result of this division being sold but on the flipside if this newly freed division goes back to its super-aggressive Dialogic ways -- it could result in much more rapid growth for not only for them but the industry as a whole.

New Call Center Update

August 3, 2006

Here is a list of some of the newer call centers that have been launched around the world. There has been tremendous growth worldwide but this list has a good deal of domestic activity. I have been having some formatting problems with this table -- hope this shows up ok on your browser -- it crashed mine already once today.   Here is the link to the New Call Center page on our site.   Company  Location Initial # Of Seats Expected # Of Seats Expected Open Date Sovereign Bank  New Bedford, MA 100 N/A 6/1/2006 Alltel El Paso, TX 330 330 7/1/2006 IntelliRisk Management Corporation Pampanga, Philippines 450 N/A N/A Crescent Processing Company Sherman, CO 110 N/A 7/1/2006 Cardinal Health Inc. Louisville, KY N/A N/A 1/6/2006 Pinnacle Business Solutions Inc. Little Rock, AR N/A 650 1/6/2006 FTD Sherwood, AR N/A 250 12/1/2005 Verizon Newark, NJ 400 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Connextions Inc. Concord, North Carolina 300 N/A N/A Accent Contact Centres Lima, Peru 64 500 8/1/2006 Jacksonville, FL Fidelity 1200 N/A 6/15/2006

August 2006 High Priority in Customer Interaction Solutions

August 1, 2006

Please enjoy a sneak peak at my August 2006 High Priority Column in Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine:

High Priority!

By Rich Tehrani

Eighteen Years Of Mergers

In May of 1998, I wrote a column in these pages entitled "Merger Fever - For Better Or For Worse." In that column, I mentioned that at that time, one of our exhibit salespeople came to me and exclaimed “The industry is contracting!” ( It turns out, of course, that this salesperson was very wrong, and the call center market enjoyed decades of growth from that point forward.

As part of that 1998 article, I mentioned that the call center market was so different from the traditional software space where one size fits all. I went on to say that mergers aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and there was plenty of space for well managed start-ups.
I then gave an overview of the features and functions a call center solution should offer.

Indian Call Center Video

July 31, 2006

On-Demand Call Center

July 21, 2006

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