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May 31, 2006

I have recently met with the NexTone team and am impressed with many of the initiatives they are undertaking from their university to their extensive and ever-growing interoperability lab. In addition to these positive moves the company has recently appointed Larry Schessel – an ex-Cisco IP communications veteran to the helm of CTO office of CTO under Sridhar Ramachandran who remains CTO.

A bit on Larry… Prior to joining NexTone, he served as Senior Manager at Cisco Systems for both the Service Provider and Enterprise IP Communications Business Units, where he defined SIP and H.323 product roadmaps. Previously, he served in strategic and technical management roles at Siemens. In addition he was awarded several patents for his work in next generation call processing systems.

It is good to see so much positive news coming out of the SBC market and it is worth mentioning that NexTone’s products do so much more than session management.

Verizon's Nancy Gofus

May 26, 2006

Call Centers Changing Lives

May 24, 2006

I actually felt good writing this story. Like I was contributing to something bigger than anything I have written about previously. I hope you read it, it moves you and you find a way to have your corporation participate in this program.

Please enjoy my unedited High Priority column from the June, 2006 issue of Customer Interaction Solutions.


I grew up in the call center business and couldn’t be more proud. Call centers have been used for such admirable activities as coordinating live-saving organ transplants to fundraising for virtually all the top charities.

New Call Centers

May 22, 2006

What Happens Here Now Gets Out

May 18, 2006

Aculab Ace Progress

May 10, 2006

Joe Sanscrainte

May 2, 2006

For companies who have call centers and were in any way affected by the do not call list, you may be familiar with a company called Call Compliance and its former general counsel and director of regulatory affairs, Joe Sanscrainte. Joe is one of the true thought leaders in the do not call regulatory market.

Joe has now joined international law firm Bryan Cave LLP in its New York office and should be a tremendous asset. Aside from do not call, Joe is also expert in the inbound side of the call center business and is intimately familiar with the potentially new legislation that will affect call centers. For example there is talk that politicians will force call centers to connect callers to a live agent if they press one.

TMCnet breaks One Million Unique Visitors

May 1, 2006

I just landed and checked e-mail and one of the first messages I saw is that TMCnet broke one million filtered unique visitors in the month of April 2006.

I was really hoping April would be the month we reached this goal.

I have to thank you once again for visiting TMCnet and helping us achieve this goal. By the way the official number is 1,053,840.

We have two more goals. One is Alexa of 1,000 -- which would put TMCnet in the top 1,000 sites in the entire world. We are currently ranked 1,387 so we are close.

940,000 Unique Visitors

April 27, 2006


April 22, 2006

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