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Eicon Networks Buys Intel Dialogic Division

August 9, 2006

As I have been writing about for a few months, the Dialogic Division of Intel has been sold. Eicon Networks is the buyer and I am looking forward to finding out more details and sharing them with you.

This is potentially good news for the entire communications space for the following reasons. This division of Intel had the massive resources of corporate behind them but the challenge was for such a large company to focus on so many things. There are obviously synergies that will be lost as a result of this division being sold but on the flipside if this newly freed division goes back to its super-aggressive Dialogic ways -- it could result in much more rapid growth for not only for them but the industry as a whole.

New Call Center Update

August 3, 2006

Here is a list of some of the newer call centers that have been launched around the world. There has been tremendous growth worldwide but this list has a good deal of domestic activity. I have been having some formatting problems with this table -- hope this shows up ok on your browser -- it crashed mine already once today.   Here is the link to the New Call Center page on our site.   Company  Location Initial # Of Seats Expected # Of Seats Expected Open Date Sovereign Bank  New Bedford, MA 100 N/A 6/1/2006 Alltel El Paso, TX 330 330 7/1/2006 IntelliRisk Management Corporation Pampanga, Philippines 450 N/A N/A Crescent Processing Company Sherman, CO 110 N/A 7/1/2006 Cardinal Health Inc. Louisville, KY N/A N/A 1/6/2006 Pinnacle Business Solutions Inc. Little Rock, AR N/A 650 1/6/2006 FTD Sherwood, AR N/A 250 12/1/2005 Verizon Newark, NJ 400 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Connextions Inc. Concord, North Carolina 300 N/A N/A Accent Contact Centres Lima, Peru 64 500 8/1/2006 Jacksonville, FL Fidelity 1200 N/A 6/15/2006

August 2006 High Priority in Customer Interaction Solutions

August 1, 2006

Please enjoy a sneak peak at my August 2006 High Priority Column in Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine:

High Priority!

By Rich Tehrani

Eighteen Years Of Mergers

In May of 1998, I wrote a column in these pages entitled "Merger Fever - For Better Or For Worse." In that column, I mentioned that at that time, one of our exhibit salespeople came to me and exclaimed “The industry is contracting!” ( It turns out, of course, that this salesperson was very wrong, and the call center market enjoyed decades of growth from that point forward.

As part of that 1998 article, I mentioned that the call center market was so different from the traditional software space where one size fits all. I went on to say that mergers aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and there was plenty of space for well managed start-ups.
I then gave an overview of the features and functions a call center solution should offer.

Indian Call Center Video

July 31, 2006

On-Demand Call Center

July 21, 2006


July 17, 2006

Keep an eye on Amcat. I met with the company recently and they seem to really have passion to succeed in the contact center market. The company has been around for 15 years but new management is really evolving their strategy and will likely be achieving great growth gains.

The company has roots in the predictive dialing market and they have recently evolved into a feature-rich contact center play with focus on inbound and outbound. They recently came out with an IP-PBX and will soon have tight CRM integration (they currently integrate with other CRM solutions and they will soon sell their own). and Contactual

June 27, 2006

  Here is my High Priority columns from the July 2006 issue of Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine. Enjoy. I have to write my SIP Outlook in the next few hours so my blogging may be limited.


Behold The Virtual Salesforce

I can tell you from personal experience that managing a sales force is one part art and one part science. Sales managers fulfill the simultaneous roles of parent, friend, confidante, coach and counselor.

A CNBC Morning

June 27, 2006

This morning on CNBC I woke up to talk about net neutrality and an analyst who said Google makes a good buy regardless of what happens with net neutrality. From net neutrality the program went on to Comcast customer service -- I think they might have been focusing on heavy machinery while I was in the shower -- it is tough to tell with the water running. Someone apparently videotaped a Comcast customer service representative sleeping on their couch while waiting an hour for the Comcast office to pick up the phone. This reminded me a of a Comcast customer service blog entry I made almost a year ago.

Katrina Help

June 26, 2006

There is a new call center set up to help those Louisiana residents affected by Katrina. This article summarizes all the ways people can get help.

Louisiana residents seeking to restore lives upset by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita can now call 1-877-LA-Rebuilds (1-877-527-3284). This toll free number, like the web portal connects Louisiana residents displaced by hurricanes and floods to reliable information about rebuilding efforts and available resources.

Call center operators are available 24 hours a day and can respond in several languages, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and several Chinese dialects.

Catching up

June 21, 2006

With all my travel lately I have been neglecting my blogging. I figured I would get right back into the swing of things with some links to interesting articles.

You hear me discuss building communities all the time. Well Electronic Arts has decided to purchase Mythic a company devoted to massively multi-player games. The trend towards community building continues to grow across industries and boundaries.

In an effort to increase internet security levels, eBay (I am a shareholder btw) and others have begun to urge Congress for better privacy laws.

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