New Germ Free Keyboard

How many colds and viruses are picked up because of shared keyboards and phones? Now there is a solution for the problem of spreading germs through shared keyboards at least. If you think this is a small problem consider call centers where i would surmise at least one million agents worldwide share keyboards.

To solve this problem, a company called Unotron, a manufacturer of something called SpillSeal technology, this week introduced a product called GermStopper SpillSeal Washable Corded Keyboard S6000K.

What technology does the company utilize this germ killing? How about a powerful, broad-spectrum, inorganic, silver-based biocide which is integrated into the plastic of the SpillSeal Washable Corded Keyboard S6000K. Silver ions, according to the company, are maintained in inorganic matrices to become antimicrobial with very low toxicity levels as well as being non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-sensitizing. 

I could go on and on of course but I feel strangely compelled to stop typing and to go wash my hands 🙂 . In the mean time take a look at this article for more.

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