Second Life Meets the Call Center

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Second Life Meets the Call Center

You have heard me discuss how contact centers could connect with virtual worlds and moreover how virtual worlds could connect with e-commerce. One of my most recent posts is titled Virtual Customer Interactions and in this post I give an example of how you could shop in a virtual "Sachs 5th Avenue" for a tie.

In case you aren't aware, there are web sites which sell glasses and the way they do so is quite novel. You upload a photo of yourself and then virtually try on various frames. You do this until you find a pair you think looks good on you.

This same concept extends into virtual worlds where you are able to try on clothing, glasses, accessories and anything else you may think appropriate. The goal being to see how things look on you without trying them on.

Even if e-commerce is not your primary business, the ability to connect your contact center with virtual worlds is good to have as many expect these worlds to become more important over time.

This is why I read with great interest that Nortel will be adding Second Life integration into their Call Center 6.0 solution. Tony Rybczynski goes into more detail on his blog.

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