Sytel Limited Expands to US

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Sytel Limited Expands to US

Sytel Limited. A company with a strong dialer and scripting engine is expanding into customer service, media blending and more recently, the US. As more customers look for SMS support, Sytel allows these short messages to be integrated into the contact center seamlessly with email and calls. With open APIs, Sytel touts openness as an area where it excels.

The UK-based company says its service and support is a true differentiator and as an employee-owned organization, they expect to continue their growth in the US through partnerships and organic customer acquisition. Oh and there is a TMC scoop here - there is no IPO planned for a long while.

To learn more check out this video interview between TMC's Erik Linask and Sytel's Mike McGowan, VP of Sales Americas for Sytel.

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