Use PayPal in the Mall?

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Use PayPal in the Mall?

For as long as I can remember the mantra has been the Internet will kill (insert your industry here). Magazines, brick and mortar, movies, music, photos... You name it. The truth is, in many cases the predictions were accurate.

The interesting part of the story however is now the offline world is allowing the Internet to benefit by finding business opportunities worthy of exploitation. Case in point is Groupon - a new company with a valuation just shy of $10B and a primary driver of traffic and revenue to brick and mortar locations.

Then there is eBay - the company is now pursuing payment processing in retail locations.

In both cases, there are tremendous benefits for retailers and the predictions regarding the demise of all retail are at least being slowed down as the Internet starts to help PoS merchants by increasing sales and potentially decreasing their payment processing fees.

I just wonder if we will be using PayPal to pay by phone in the mall in the next few years. My guess is yes.

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