Verizon Rolls Out IP-Based Hosted Speech

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Verizon Rolls Out IP-Based Hosted Speech

Verizon recently rolled out IP-based speech recognition and in a conversation with company representatives Alla Reznik and Tom Smith who represent the speech services and IP communications areas for the company, I had a chance to hear about how the company is transitioning from a carrier selling phone service to one which is focusing on services such as IP-based hosted IVR, premise-based IVR and more.

Alla mentioned IP, automated speech and hosting is a winning proposition in IP space. This is especially true in this economy as companies are focusing on customer retention and providing better service is one way to make this happen. Based on Nuance 9, the company's IP-based speech service joins the IP-based IVR solutions Verizon has offered for a few years.

Tom Smith and Alla Reznik tout Verizon's move into IP-based hosted speech

In addition the pair made a point of emphasizing that some customers are taking advantage of their ability to use hybrid IP, PSTN call centers. Using this functionality you can have a call get transferred to a SIP-based call center agent and if the line is busy you can redirect the call to a PSTN call center if you like.

Another point the company made was that they can help customers with programming and can even sell and manage CPE equipment if you so choose.

The good news here is Verizon has embraced IP fully and although they will reduce transport revenue as a result they are looking to offset this revenue loss by adding new services which benefit customers.

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