Can Identity Theft kill You

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Can Identity Theft kill You

A Money Magazine article (subscription required) titled "Are You Terrified About Identity Theft? If Not, Consider this: It Could Get You killed." Cites a conversation with John Gardner who they call a smooth talking lawyer and spokesman for Pre-Paid Legal Services.

The premise is as follows. If someone steals your identity and lands in the hospital and the doctors think it is you, your Medical information Bureau (MIB) identity will be altered. This is part of your medical history and can lead to you being denied insurance. Worse, if you show up as having diabetes or a hear condition, they could kill you while trying to save you.

I thought this was an interesting premise for an article and some of the things I learned while reading were that identity theft is a $50 billion dollar a year industry! I also learned that MIB's aren't as centralized as you would think and you can check yours by dialing 866-692-6901. One other thing, 10 million Americans a year are victims of identity theft and in 20% of cases it can take 80 hours to resolve.

Good luck. It's rough out there.

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