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I am kind of fed up with this runaway bride that disappeared, reappeared, was abducted, was not abducted, etc. I don't know her name and it is not worth finding her name to put it in this entry.

This entry serves as a vent. I believe I sometimes act as the guardian of such vent on occasions when the world gets caught up in ridiculous hysteria about stupidity. Utter stupidity. Instead of the news media being embarrassed for wasting the world's time of a story that was wrong -- the girl was never missing... News programs are now overwhelming us with stupidity.

Does the girl deserve to go to jail? Is this a misdemeanor; is this news program worth watching? I know we have 24-hour news programs today but isn't there real news somewhere? What is happening in Australia? Any shark attacks, jellyfish incidents? Anything? How about the French? Most Americans don't like the country but they have some nice wines. Perhaps a few minutes on France every day so we can become more well-rounded?

How about a documentary on the Swiss. You know these people have been neutral for so long, how has this changed their society? Are they more pacifistic because of this decision? Are they as political as other countries in the area? What about all those Swiss bank accounts? I wonder how much money is over there. How much of it is legal? Issues to ponder.

Then there is Afghanistan. What happened with that country? Anything new? I think we have troops there, right? Any progress being made? Have we made some new roads? Anyone discover any oil there? How much opium is being produced there now compared to under the Taliban?

Russia... Putin, just visited Israel. This is pretty big news. This is the first leader in Russia to ever do this. Many of my friends were persecuted by the Russian government just a few decades ago for being Jewish and now Russia seems to want the Jews back. Certainly there is a documentary here. An ongoing story? Geraldo, perhaps you want to investigate some of these ideas?

How about border security? Lou Dobbs thankfully can't stop talking about our porous border with Mexico -- but isn't border the wrong word? I swear the baby-gate I installed to keep my daughter from going downstairs is more secure than what we have between the US and Mexico. Where is the daily commentary on this from the news media?

But still the media can't help themselves. This tabloid-inspired, frenzied reporting style of gossip over substance is destroying us as a nation. The news should ensure we learn what is happening around the world and should focus on important issues as opposed to the fluff journalism that Dr Evil (paraphrased) might say is the "Diet Coke" of news.

But then again, this is just my take. I would keep going but the commercial is over and I have to get back to MSNBC to hear what happened with Michael Jackson today.

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