Clouds over Georgia

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Clouds over Georgia

As you may recall from earlier blogs seat 10A has no seat in front of it and thus no place for a laptop. The flight attendant took the computer case and sglhuttled it to row 14. So instead I am reading everything in sight. I decided to take a look outside and I think we may be in Georgia. 40 minutes ago we were in North Carolina so I think this is a good guess.

I just put snow tires on my car. I was really hesitant to do this as every time I have purchased snows for a new car and it is late in the winter, it never snows.

If it does, it usually happens when I am away.

The snow tire move was smart because I hear there could be some accumulation on Thursday. I tried to park in the parking structure to avoid having to deal with snow on the car when I return. Guess what? No such luck. The lot was full except for the roof. By the way the winter wind is quite severe up there as it whips off the water. I had to walk quite a bit this morning and it took me a long while to warm up.

But all this wll change as I will be in Florida when you read this. I just became a Platinum level member of American Airlines and this has inspired me to fly American on this trip to retain this level. BTW I just noticed this airline now sells bottles of water for $2. This is probably a low margin item as they have to pay to shuttle unsold water around. Still I just purchased a bottle and think this is a great service to offer.

Well back to my reading. I will be writing more soon. Keep checking for the latest thoughts, opinions and details of the days ahead.

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