WebRTC APIs all the Rage at WebRTC Expo Atlanta 2013

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WebRTC APIs all the Rage at WebRTC Expo Atlanta 2013

WebRTC Expo kicks off this week and it's been a busy day here in Atlanta, Georgia where I have had back-to-back video interviews with companies in tech and telecom. A few of my meetings with companies involved in WebRTC were perhaps the most interesting as I see a trend devloping.

Soufiane Houri of Weemo told me about the company's cloud-based API service which allows any developer to embed video collaboration. The goal here is to enable this collaboration to take place without the need to make a user leave one application and go to another.

Facebook famously announced similar integration with Skype a few years back with the idea being allowing users to stay in the platform and collaborate with their friends.

That is the idea with Weemo and also Bistri. I spoke with the Co-Founder & CEO of Bistri just now and the Paris-based company also has an API which allows developers to embed video collaboration into their solutions.

WebRTC Expo starts officially tomorrow afternoon and there will likely be lots more news to break so stay tuned. Hopefully we'll see you here at the show - registrations have been flowing nicely and picking up steam these last few days so we expect a nice rush of interested WebRTC developers, enterprises and carriers.


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