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I have had great results testing the presentation software from Glance Networks. The software is extremely simple to us. I am on the Beta version 2.00.50 ( I am pretty sure this version is now live) and it is the only version I have used. People I speak with in the industry who have used the service love it. The only negative I am aware of is that once in a while a presentation I was viewing froze and I needed to log back in to view it.

How It Works

The way the system works is that you click on an icon that has a G on it. This icon lives on the taskbar. From there, you click on “Start Session.” From there your desktop is being shared until you tell it to stop sharing.

The Twins

I have two monitors connected to my computer and it defaulted to my left screen.

What Others Do

You are given a unique URL that you give out to others. These people go to the URL and type in a unique password the software supplies. From that point on a Java application loads and others see everything that you see on your screen. There is no download – the users just need to have Java on their computers.

Audio And Video

The system worked pretty fast in my testing and it was in 24- bit color. There is no audio support so you’ll need a conference bridge to connect via audio as well.


You can have a single user account for as little as $49.95/mpnth or as little as $119/month for the enterprise version. Up to 15 people can share a web connection to see your screen.


The service is simple and easy to use. It is not as full-featured as many others but the flipside is that anyone can use it.


So far I can recommend this service as I think it is a great value and will meet the needs of many people who need to share their desktops with up to 15 others.

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