Devialet, 4,500 Watts of the Cleanest Power You Will Hear

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Devialet, 4,500 Watts of the Cleanest Power You Will Hear

In my former life as an amateur audiophile I would have been salivating over the Devialet line of speakers and amplifiers. But that was a long time ago. Then again, when I got a chance to hear these speakers, I did salivate and if you have extra thousands of dollars lying around, you will likely not find a better sounding speaker, anywhere. Truly amazing.

Technology has revolutionized audio - not since vacuum tube powered components have we seen such an improvement in audio quality. There was literally no distortion, no matter how loud the music got and it was very loud. My only complaint was the assortment of music options in the Devialet Store in Greenwich Village in NYC was lacking and the WiFi was down so I couldn't access anything else.

If you are even a junior audiophile, you will really appreciate this company and its products. They start at $1,990 for one speaker and have 4,500 watts of very clean sounding 108 decibel power!

Oh and as an added bonus, the speakers look kind of like alien heads. 


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