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HTC Touch Pro

The HTC Touch Pro may be the ultimate Blackberry killer. I know the term "killer" is used very often but let's look at this situation carefully... People who type a lot benefit from a keyboard. Sure, an on-screen keyboard works but it is not ideal. I beleive one of the reasons the Blackberry does well is because it has a great keyboard and the OS is very stable.

Getting back to HTC, the Touch Pro gives you HSPA, WiFi, 640x480 resolution, Windows Mobile 6.1, a 3.2 megapixel camera and more. In fact, if the device is half as good as the specs lead me to believe, it will become a new benchmark for mobile products.

The one downside is Windows Mobile which quite honestly needs work. I haven't used 6.1 but prior version of Windows Mobile products are known to freeze and many people I speak with have stopped using Microsoft mobile devices because of this problem coupled with lousy battery life.

Personally, I carry 1-2 extra batteries with wherever I go so I don't run out of juice at a critical time.

The device will be available later this year and no word on Verizon/Sprint support at the moment. This is yet one more reason to switch to GSM. One wonders if the upcoming iPhone will also feature 640x480 resolution. If not it will be at a major disadvantage.

I have to say that this is the year where mobile devices have truly taken the leap to allow you to truly surf the web on the go. I find this a very exciting time to be in the communications and technology market.

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