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iMag ------ Nificant

Without question, Apple is an amazing company. They started their wildest ride decades ago by popularizing desktop publishing. I was the person who brought desktop publishing to TMC around 1986-1987 and at the time it was sacrilegious to even think about using a PC for his task.

I saw no future in MACs (at least in the long-term) so I didn’t bother purchasing any of these cute little computers. Over the decades, countless artists and editors who love Macs would implore us to get them a Mac. I always said no. They just didn’t work with PCs, needed different software, etc. They were different and more expensive and not really user-configurable.

It may come a surprise to hear that I have also recommended the Mac to countless people I know who were looking for home computers as I believe in a home setting you should have a computer that is easier to use. Generally I would suggest a Mac to someone that was retired. You see I am not prejudiced here I just don’t think Macs belong in most corporate settings.

Over the last 5 years or so I have noticed when walking into computer stores that Apple computer designs leave PC makers in the dust and I can't seem to understand why IBM, Dell and Sony need to make machines that look like ugly metal shoeboxes that Bigfoot might keep his work shoes in.

Sure, The PC makers are doing a better job lately but what is the delay in making computers that look good? Are they afraid we might buy more PCs than we need if they are designed with aesthetics in mind?

Apple also emulated this design-centric model with the iPod. How embarrassed must Creative and Sony be? They had a 10 and 20 year lead respectively in the portable music player business and Apple came out with a device that was white with a nice user interface and stole their market. Can you imagine getting destroyed in a market you created because you chose colorblind and design-blind people to make your consumer electronic products?

I am certainly not breaking new intellectual ground here. Even a stinking-drunk, comatose person walking into a CompUSA or Frye's Electronics store can see what I am talking about. Don't Intel-based PC executives ever wander into the Apple store when their spouses are shopping in the Mall? I know I do. Are these manufacturers too fat and happy or too bureaucratic to take notice? Apple should be commended for designing products that people not only want but feel they need. Now that Apple's designs have revitalized the company, I hope they keep winning market share in consumer electronics and the PC market. As far as I am concerned PC makers are too used to peddling ugly designs and instead of focusing on design, tout faster processors or free DVD upgrades. How blind can an entire industry be? Take a look at Apple designs. Lets have a computer industry where people not only need your products but want them as well.

I am keeping a close eye on Apple. If they keep gaining share in the computer market, we may just purchase a couple at TMC. The only question that remains now is can I expense a new iPod?

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